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Utilizing the OAT to Personalize Mold Treatment

Mycotoxins are the toxic metabolites produced by certain types of fungi. These small molecules from mold are often carried on dust particles or food or are present in water-damaged buildings and homes. Common symptoms of mycotoxin exposure are fatigue, headaches, rashes, food sensitivities, joint pain, and cough. Many patients suffering from chronic illnesses do not even know that they have been exposed to mycotoxins. Using results from both our MycoTOX Profile and our Organic Acids Test, we have discovered correlations between them and uncovered new routes of treatment for patients with mold exposure. The OAT offers four distinct areas of information that can assist in the treatment of mycotoxin exposure. These areas are fungal markers, glutathione markers, mitochondrial markers, and yeast/clostridia markers. We will go into how results on the OAT can help adapt a treatment plan for patients suffering from mold exposure.