If you are located in Brazil then please contact Luis Dias (greatplainsbrasil@gmail.com) to make testing arrangements.

If you reside in mainland China, please read the instructions carefully. Sending human specimens, such as urine sample, directly to the United States is difficult due to customs. For that reason The Great Plains Laboratory has distributors who can help you obtain test kits and assist you in shipping them back to our laboratory. Here is the information of our distributors you can trust.


GPL Official Authorized Distributors in China:

Special Kids One Source

Dr. Qin Medical Service

If you reside in India, the Great Plains Laboratory has a distributor in Kolkata who can help you receiving our test kits and sending specimens back. Please visit http://www.matritouch.com for more information.


Phone: +91 9830610027

Email: matritouch.gpl@gmail.com