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Outreach Clinics

The Great Plains Laboratory provides outreach clinics for patients with autism, PDD, AD(H)D, allergies, immune dysfunction, behavior disorders, fibromyalgia, CFS, Lyme disease, autoimmune disease, and environmental illness.  We offer a discounted test panel at these outreach clinics designed to determine any abnormalities associated with intestinal pathogens, food allergies, immune deficiencies, and more.  Each doctor participating in an outreach clinic is performing his/her duties as a health consultant regarding diagnostic testing and biomedical therapeutic options for patients suffering with chronic disorders.  GPL also provides conferences or seminars in many areas prior to a scheduled outreach clinic.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions regarding our outreach clinics.

To find out if there is an outreach clinic in your area, review the below schedule. If you would like to see an outreach clinic in your area, please contact us and a staff member assist with your request to book a future clinic in that area.  For questions or to schedule an appointment, contact Customer Service by phone at 913-341-8949.


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